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Many adventurists, hunters, fishing enthusiasts, and outdoor lovers turn to Wyoming for all the beauty and nature it has to offer. At McGarvin & Taylor Real Estate in Worland, WY, we want to share our beautiful and timeless communities with the ones who will appreciate its historic and breathtaking atmosphere.

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Basin and Greybull, WY

Located in the northern part of Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin, these rural communities were established from parcels taken from Johnson, Fremont, and Sheridan Counties in 1897. The principal industries are gas and oil development, bentonite mining, farming, ranching, and tourism. Farming mainly consists of sugar beet, grain, bean, and hay production, while cattle raising is also a traditional occupation.

Expansive grasslands are allowing for grazing year-round as well as fall hunting season (hunting is one major form of regional recreation). In Big Horn County, you will find a range of historical and natural sites. You can explore:

  • Big Horn National Forest
  • Cloud Peak Wilderness
  • Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Refuge
  • Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site
  • Greybull Museum
  • Red Gulch Dinosaur Track Site
  • Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area (Yellowtail Reservoir)
  • Shell Falls
  • Paint Rock
  • Ancient Medicine Wheel

Throughout Basin and Greybull, you will find endless places to explore and enjoy. These towns are known for attracting outdoor enthusiasts, hunting recreationists, hikers, fishing enthusiasts, and more.

For more information on Basin or Greybull, visit the official Big Horn county website

Ten Sleep, WY

No matter where you’re from, Ten Sleep is a place that will make your heart swell. The small ranching community boasts perfect soil and waterways for raising cattle, sheep, or both! Located at the Big Horn Mountain range near Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming, this town exemplifies the American western lifestyle with friendly smiles on all corners. Visitors are encouraged to stop by and enjoy various local shops, including handmade goods alongside original Western wear, like cowboy boots complete with steel spurs. Whether you’re looking for delicious ice cream or drinks at the saloon, we have it all.

You can grab the whole family and explore the many mountain ranges, canyons, or pure streams and lakes. As the base of many historic battles, we encourage visitors to learn more about our past, including the Bates Battle site, Dull Knife site, and Wild Hog. Located a few miles south of Ten Sleep is the famous site of the Spring Creek Raid. Here, cattle ranchers and sheepherders fought a bloody battle over grazing rights. The event eventually led to the end of the bitter rivalry between cattlemen and sheep ranchers.

If you’re out exploring, you may even see elk, deer, moose, and more. This timeless and gorgeous town was given its name for the ten nights between the Great Sioux Camps and the Platte River to the south and the northern camp near Bridger, MT.

Thermopolis, WY

Nestled between the Big Horn and Bridger-Teton mountains in Wyoming, Thermopolis is a town that’s not only full of sights and attractions to behold but also comes with an abundance of natural resources. One can’t help being awestruck by this scenic destination with forests around it and picturesque mountain views. The Hot Springs State Park offers visitors relief after long hikes or those looking for some relaxation before continuing their journey across more mountainous terrain. At the same time, they can explore other destinations nearby like Boysen Reservoir.

Thermopolis has a small-town feel, with a population of about 3,000 people. Thermopolis boasts the only stoplight in Hot Springs County, whose total population is around 4,800. The Wind River Canyon and Boysen State Park are located south of Thermopolis. You can enjoy a relaxing drive along the scenic byway on your way to Boysen Reservoir or take an exhilarating rafting trip down the winding river canyon. Catch world-class fishing on the Big Horn River or enjoy hunting for waterfowl, pronghorn, antelope, deer, elk, bear, sheep, moose, or more.

Worland, WY

Founded in 1906, Worland is the perfect modern western community, offering a “good life” to residents. Historically, town founders were eager to be near railroad tracks that ran west of Big Horn River. Worland was relocated in 1906 when trains had begun running east on either side of the river, and they agreed that this would bring more opportunity for commerce.

Because of its popular location, Worland is ranked the 13th largest city by population, bringing booming businesses and inviting attractions. Wyoming Sugar Company, Crown Cork & Seal, Pepsi-Cola, and MillerCoors have also set up locations in Worland. Worland boasts a prosperous and dependable business structure, which residents are very proud of.

If you are interested in learning more about business development in Worland, please contact the Washakie Development Director at 307-347-8900 or email wda@rtconnect.net.

For those interested in outdoor activity, take a trip to our 18-hole golf course, explore the plant fossil geographic site, or do some off-roading in the surrounding badlands. The fun never stops in Worland!

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